Searching for a cheap car insurance quote can be a really difficult task. Even if you manage to lay your hands on one, there is no guarantee that your premium will not shoot up in the next year leaving you all stranded. The reasons for a higher premium in the 2nd year of your policy can be numerous. Some of these reasons are the criteria of your provider that he may have changed, the new customer discount may have been removed, your premium may also rise if you did a motoring offense in the previous year. All these reasons can be the cause of your risen premium in the next year. Although the main reason for the increased premium is the increase in price at the time of auto-renewal of insurance, but the question here is how to avoid these price hikes.

Well, you do not have to worry now because you can avoid paying a high premium just by following the simple steps given below.

The Mileage

Try to keep the miles you drive each year under control or in simple words keep them limited. It can help you find a cheap policy – remember,  always give an accurate estimation of the miles while going for the policy.

Pay Annually

As for most of us, it might be convenient to pay on a monthly basis, but what most of us do not know that paying annually can be really beneficial in the long term. It is for sure that paying a lump sum amount upfront rather than paying every month can really add to your savings.

The Security

Some of the insurers will also reward you for the extra security of your vehicle so you can always consider this option while getting a quote. But make sure that the investment you are doing on the security is not more than what you will save in the end.

Higher Voluntary Access

At the time of taking out the policy if you choose a higher voluntary access, this will actually reduce the price of the policy. But it can be excess payment at the time when you make a claim. So consider the best possible option that suits you and then go for any policy.

Policy Add-ons

You must be very specific when choosing any policy add-on because it can really make the price of the policy go up high. Some examples of add-ons are courtesy car cover, legal assistance, windscreen cover etc. But just go for the ones that you really need or require.

No Claims Discount

If you are really interested in getting a cheaper car policy this is one thing that you can do because insurers often reward the motorist by reducing their premium if they have no claims on them.


It is best to avoid any type of modifications whether styling or an audio or even performance if you do not want an increased premium on your policy. Although the modifications can be really tempting at times but no one on this earth likes to pay extra.