Are you having trouble improving your car sales? Sometimes, your dealership gets so busy that you can’t even find time to take a break then all of a sudden, you find yourself having trouble hitting your target for the month. 

It is frustrating but you are not alone. Many car dealerships also face this experience. The best thing to do is to first analyse your approach and style. In that way, you’ll figure out what you are doing wrong and what things you are doing right. 

Apart from evaluating your dealership, here are a few more tips on how to improve your car sales. 

Be More Available

What are your operating hours? Are you open on weekends or after hour appointments? A dealership’s operating hours can also affect the volume of sales. 

Opening at the usual operating hours is fine but limiting service within those hours can be disappointing for some clients who are also busy during regular office hours. You could extend your operating hours but not all can do this, especially the smaller dealerships. 

You could open up your shop even during weekends so that you could attract more to check out your inventory. Having a website where clients could browse what you have in your inventory helps. They’d be able to browse through them in their most convenient time then just schedule a meet with you when they decide to purchase. 

Check Your Pricing

When buyers are looking into purchasing vehicles, they compare the prices and so should you. Today, buyers can easily do that by using car comparison sites. However, those sites aren’t just for buyers, dealers can also use them to check their pricing. Make adjustments as needed.

Carefully Stocking Your Inventory

Are there cars in your inventory that are not moving at all? How do you decide which vehicles to stock? If you notice that there are lots of cars that are staying in your inventory for far too long, then you might want to reconsider how you fill up your inventory.

What cars are customers usually asking about? You should be stocking those that are in demand because they are more likely to be sold. Take a look at what vehicles are selling. 

Even if you think one vehicle is good for your customer, at the end of the day, the customer still decides which to buy. You simply have to give them what they want and not what you think would be good for them. 

Offer Customer Incentives

Another way to attract the customer is to offer incentives. Many have already done this and one of the most common incentive car dealerships offer is a free oil change. It is quite common that most car buyers will automatically think that every purchase comes with it. 

Break that pattern by offering them other unique incentives. You can stand out from other dealerships by offering them other complimentary services such as reconditioning services, a free tire, paint protection, brakes, wipers, etc.

Digitize Your Routine

Improve efficiency of your routine by using the technology available today. There are lots of CRM tools that can help you make the process and daily routine faster and easier. By saving time in processing sales and other daily routines, you can focus more on doing other activities that can boost car sales. 

Using technology also helps you be in control of your dealership even when you’re not on site. Sometimes, you just have to do things out of the office but you could still oversee what is happening through technology.

Improve Communication Skills

Being in contact with the customers is a great way to improve car sales. To do that, you have to train your team so that their communication skills improve. Investing in training to help your team improve their communication skills is worth it. 

You can take the initiative to improve communication between your team and the customers. You can do this by sharing useful information on the social media account of your dealership instead of simply placing ads. 

The team can also go through role play scenarios involving car sales. That way, you can assess and give feedback on how certain situations are handled. Practicing what to say and what to do is better than being stumped in front of a client.