We all know that a good car salesperson is worth his or her weight in gold.

But at times like these when there are fewer clients who are willing to go to the actual showrooms, it can be very challenging even for your best salesperson to make the sale.

For that, dealerships must improve their and their user experience online to reach a bring the customer as close to “deal” as they possibly can.

The Importance Of Customer Reviews

You may have all the information about the vehicle that a client is looking for but you could still end up losing the sale to another dealership when your website lacks customer reviews.

Customer reviews are great at convincing people that your dealership can be trusted. Whether the review is found directly on your website or in other sites that mention your dealership or website, it would definitely do you good.

It would be best if the reviews are found in various sites like social media sites, Google or even Yelp.

The reviews spread out in various sites will help improve the chance of people finding your dealership reliable. 

Aim For The Top Of Google Searches

It is not surprising that most people who are looking for a car will use search engines to find them.

In fact, according to Google’s own data, 95% of all customers start their Auto Sales journey online, so it makes sense to prioritize reaching the top part of the results list, and it’s no secret that listings at the top are likely to get clicked and opened rather than the ones at the bottom or on the next page. 

Ways to do this would include proper structuring of your Google Ads account. Have add groups that are tightly knit and make sure they contain around 15 to 20 keywords per group.

Additionally we recommend using only keywords that are related to your ad text, and always, always, utilize any free text extensions they offer.

Check On Your Negative Keyword List

We know that keywords help you to be found by possible clients but did you know that managing your negative keyword list also helps?

With your negative keyword list, you refrain yourself from being shown to people who are not really interested in cars. Remember that there may be keywords that pertain to cars as well as other things as well. 

Allocate Your Campaign Budget Wisely

There are times when car sales are up and there are times when they are not. Strategically allocating more for your ad campaigns at times when people tend to buy cars can help you boost your sales further.

You just have to figure out when that time is and adjust your budget accordingly.

This can help you save on your campaign cost and it also helps you get the most out of your ad campaigns. 

Focus On Your Target Market

What kind of cars do you have in your showroom? Do you sell luxury cars or do you have more affordable ones?

Even if you have a mixed of both, you should still focus on a specific target market.

For example, you’d want to offer affordable vehicles for fresh graduates, then use the necessary keywords to target fresh graduates and those looking for affordable cars.

Consider what your clients are mainly looking for and focus on providing that message to them. 

Get Clients To Call

One of the best ways to turn possible clients into sales is to get them to call you.

There, you can let your salesperson do their thing in making the sale. There are call campaigns, which you pay for when you get the call rather than when they visit your site.

With a call, your salesperson can schedule a viewing or better explain the client’s options.