Back in the 90’s when you tell your family or your friends that you are going to buy a car online, you’d probably get weird looks, laughs, or a stern warning. Nowadays, that idea isn’t so far-fetched.

If you own a car dealership but still don’t focus on your online presence, then you better think twice. An online presence can help you attract customers. Beyond that, offering potential customers to purchase a car without leaving their homes is a very tempting offer. 

Let’s tell you more about the current trend when it comes to purchasing vehicles. Although physical showrooms are still abundant, there is actually a growing market for online purchases.

The Online Buying Trend 

The online buying trend hasn’t been observed until recently when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Before the pandemic, even if auto dealerships sell online, many people would still prefer to go to the physical showrooms. 

However, as the effects of the pandemic lead to closed showrooms. Auto dealers won’t just sit down and wait for the pandemic to pass. Sales must still continue and because the sales team has also been stuck at their respective homes, consumers have only one choice and that is to purchase online. 

With the start of the pandemic, confusion and lockdowns are happening everywhere. Some say that with it, the dealership won’t survive. 

The auto industry and dealerships are resilient ones and have managed to turn things around. Car sales still continued amidst the pandemic and most of them were completed online. Usually, only about 2% of car sales are made through online channels. However, nowadays, there has been a significant rise of up to 30%. 

More Satisfied Customers

Digital retail is possible and is a growing trend. Those who embraced this kind of change have seen the positive effects. Those who stick to the traditional way of selling vehicles may lose some of their customers due to this trend. However, tapping into the online market does have added risks such as online identity theft.

Apart from the online purchase trend, there has also been an increase in the satisfaction of customers. That’s because purchasing is more efficient nowadays. It saves everyone time and is more convenient. 

This change in car retail is still in the beginning stages but a lot are already loving it. That’s especially true for the younger generation who want to be able to purchase almost anything by just using their phones.

What It Means For Dealerships

Dealerships should learn to adapt to these changes. Some may fear that companies would rather directly sell to consumers. However, many car companies still recognize the importance of car dealerships. 

Although the push for online purchases is strong, many consumers would still want to physically inspect the vehicles before signing the papers and finalizing the purchase. It’s understandable that you can’t really feel if seats are sized correctly or if they are comfortable without trying them out.