As a dealership owner, you know how important inventory selection is. For European dealers, this can be especially difficult with the wide range of emissions-based models each car maker produces. Many of these “green” models include diesel fuel alternatives that are purported to help emission standards rather than hinder them.

Despite years of data, diesel cars still have a bad reputation when it comes to the environment. Older diesel cars, especially those that are not regularly maintained release emissions that cause air pollution. Our current problem with global warming is worsening especially if we continue to pollute the air.

Additionally, diesel cars could also release particulates that can cause harm to people’s health.

Why Do People Still Choose Diesel Cars

However, some people still choose to buy a diesel car rather than to opt for hybrids or electric cars. This is because they find those diesel cars are more efficient and more affordable. Hybrid and electric cars are getting more popular but they still have limitations that is why people are not flocking at dealerships to get them, even with the added incentives.

It can also be difficult to let go of your older diesel car because you can’t afford the new one or you’ve become attached to it. Also, there are more modern diesel cars that have attractive features that attract buyers. 

Making Diesel Car Emissions Safer

So does all these mean that we are doomed to pollution and health problems because we just can’t give up our diesel cars? Well, not necessarily. Even modern diesel car manufacturers aim to find a solution to this problem. This is where technology and research come to play. 

Our current technology has made it possible to lessen the emission problems that diesel cars bring. Now, there are filters attached to the diesel cars that clean up the emission particles so they won’t get released into the air. 

The diesel available in refilling stations is also now cleaner than they were back in the day. The process of producing them is altered in such a way that they now release lesser harmful substances when used by the diesel engines. 

Another way to improve diesel cars is to choose biodiesel fuel. These are created from animal fats and vegetable oils that burn cleaner than the usual diesel. Biodiesel produces fewer sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons when used. The great thing about biodiesel is that engines do not usually require modification or only require minimal modification to use them.

There are also other researchers that are working on filters or substances that can alter the emissions to make them less harmful. Such technologies can be add-ons to vehicles while others now come with the newer models. These studies will continue to be conducted to further help diesel cars pass the emission test requirements.