While marketing, pricing, and brand reputation can help you get potential customers into your dealership, once they are in there, it’s really up to your car salesperson to seal the deal.

For a successful premium car dealerships, it’s the extras and not the sales fundamentals that are going to differentiate your dealership from the guy down the road, so it’s important to be able to deliver the extras on a consistent / repeatable basis to see result in your bottom-line.


The way your car salesperson dresses up has an effect on your shop. If you don’t have a dress code, maybe it’s time for you to have one. Suits are great but if you don’t want them, you can opt for anything casual-professional attire.

Also, make sure that their clothes are pressed and clean to make them look neat and presentable. Even if you have a dress code, you should still make sure that your salesperson is comfortable because comfort can affect how they deal with people.

Know Your Inventory

It’s such a deal breaker if a salesperson has already done all the hard work of convincing the client to purchase a specific car and to find out that it is out of stock. That doesn’t look good to clients and that’s just wasted energy for your salesperson.

Knowing and memorizing your inventory should be one of the first things your salesperson should do. If you have a huge inventory, there are CRM tools that can help them monitor it. Before your salesperson talks to any client, first, make sure that they know your inventory.

Understand Your CRM Tools

If you still don’t have, you should get your auto dealership CRM tools to help keep track of what you have to offer to your clients. Your salesperson should be trained on how to use them and how to understand them.

You can even go to the next level by requiring them to have the CRM tool on their smartphones. In this way, they can easily get access to your inventory. They can easily be updated even if they are out of the office.

Be Updated With Compliance Guidelines

Avoid making compliance mistakes by knowing them first. Train your team of salespersons to be up to date with the law. The compliance guidelines tend to change but you and your team should be able to keep up. This will prevent your auto dealership from facing fines.

Value Repeat Customers

It’s great to have new potential customers but you should also know that customer retention matters, that’s why building an authentic relationship with the clients should be a centerpiece to any retention training program with metrics and KPI to support.

It is also best to pass on tips on how to handle clients to your newly hired salesperson. In this way, repeat clients will receive the same kind of treatment that they did the first time they bought a car from your dealership.