In order to succeed in today’s competitive dealership marketplace, it has become more important than ever to adapt to the latest changes in consumer behavior.

Nowadays, more and more consumers are utilizing their favorite mobile devices in order to research their purchases and even make their purchases. Because of this, businesses of all types have found it necessary to make the proper adjustments to remain competitive. Below, we will be going over some of the best mobile design elements that you can implement into your website to take it to the next level.


The main thing that you will want to focus on when it comes to prepping your website for mobile is optimization. Not only does this mean to optimize your website to achieve proper scaling to mobile devices, but also to achieve quick load times with all devices as well. Your pages need to load fast in order to meet or exceed the new age shoppers expectations. Consumers demand that websites be properly optimized for all of their devices in order to go through with their purchase. Without the proper optimization and fast load times, you are likely to lose a prospective customer very quickly.

Ease of Navigation

When it comes to using mobile devices, navigation is perhaps the most crucial element. Having poor mobile navigation can absolutely ruin the entire browsing experience. Thus, you will want to focus on the ease of navigation within your mobile site. You should focus on everything that can positively influence and enhance your mobile navigation including both the design and sitemap. Your navigation should achieve the goal of being both intuitive and easy to use. It should guide the visitor through your website allowing them to find everything they are looking for without having to dig too deep.


When it comes to both desktop and mobile design elements of your auto dealership website, there is one rule that stands above all – simplicity. Having simplicity incorporated into the core design philosophy of your website is key in both iterations. Interface simplicity is King when it comes to showcasing your website. Not only do you need this type of simplicity to have your calls-to-action stand out within your website, but you need your visitors to be able to focus on the goal of your website rather than get distracted and lost in things that subsequently don’t matter. In order to achieve the level of design simplicity, you should remove the clutter and focus on the core elements of your design to avoid having anything interfere.

Concise Copywriting

When it comes to the effectiveness of your auto dealership website, you will want to be sure to include concise copywriting which will allow you to stay to the point. Try not to incorporate industry related jargon that will distract from the core goal of your website which is to generate leads.

Use Compelling Images

If you are looking to generate leads or sell vehicles on your website, you will need to use compelling and high-quality images in order to attract prospective buyers. You should invest in high-quality images and ensure that the images scale properly according to various mobile device screen sizes.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when it comes to creating the perfect mobile website for your auto dealership. The fact is, more people than ever before are using their favorite mobile devices to research vehicles and find the best option for themselves. Because of this, you want to implement these core design elements into your website to ensure it’s properly optimized to attract prospective buyers and generate leads with your website. Implementing these elements into your mobile website can propel your conversion rate to new heights.